JIRA Add-On: Grab more about the advance technology


Software development industries have become more successful in managing their workflows and other company processes with the help of JIRA, an advanced project management software. JIRA has emerged as one of the most popular software management tools developed by Atlassian, a famous Australian Corporation. The Jira Project management tool is widely esteemed due to its excellence in the following areas-

  • Enhancing team collaboration
  • Rationalize the workflow 
  • Maintain transparency in every project

Where is JIRA used?

Product developers and experts in software development have found this project management tool extremely effective in today’s realm of technical advancement. Let’s check the areas where JIRA has been widely used in recent times. 

  • This software is used in managing automated and manual tests.
  • Teams practicing responsive methodologies can get the help of boards like Kanban, and Scrum provided by Jira Software. 
  • Experts, while choosing a project management software , can opt for JIRA.
  • Jira has emerged as popular for developing better and more advanced software. 
  • Experts find this software useful in building advanced software and focusing on the best practices. 
  • In Product Management, Jira software is widely used in developing extended roadmaps and making necessary plans. 
  • This advanced technology has made it easy to initiate new tasks and track bugs. 

JIRA Add Ons

JIRA has come with all the essential technicalities required in software development industries. The functionality of JIRA has become more advanced with unique add-ons or plugins. These add-ons can add one or more features to make the software more useful for project management. Developers can install these add-ons using Universal Plugin Manager. 

Previously JIRA was lacking in creating Templates. However, with the help of add-ons, it has become easy to create issue templates in Jira. These templates are time-saving for large and complex projects. Well, these templates can restrict flexibility besides time-saving. 

Developers sometimes can get confused regarding using JIRA add-ons and templates. But, these templates can enhance efficiency, including some limitations.  

Advantages of JIRA add-ons

JIRA add-ons allow users to create recyclable Templates, and these are capable of boosting efficiency within the workflows of an organization. Simplicity is the primary feature of JIRA add-ons, and hence developers can easily install JIRA templates & can opt for the benefit of Template description in Jira

Ready-to-use JIRA Templates

Developers can find different ready-to-use JIRA templates relating to Software Development, IT, Customer service, and Human Resources. Again every category comes with varied templates. 

Templates relating to Software Development are

  • Bug Template- It is the pre-defined format and will help in tracking all bugs.
  • Epic Template- Epic is to break large tasks into smaller ones, and Epic templates are helpful in managing epics.
  • Story Template- Story Templates are useful in managing stories.
  • Task Template- This template is useful in managing tasks’ titles, descriptions, etc. 

Templates relating to IT are VPN Access Requests, Admin Access Request, Request for new Software, Incident Reports, etc. Developers can take advantage of templates relating to Customer services like Customer Feedback, Customer Onboarding, etc. Templates relating to HR are Employee Onboarding, Employee Offboarding, and Recruitment. 


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